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PAWMENCAP was started with 8 children with mental retardation under the Manokrushi project. By the year 1995, Manochetna vocational rehabilitation center was developed for moth adult men and women with the problem of mental retardation. In the year 2003, the third project, Mayukha for the early intervention and pre-school children was launched. Recently we started project MANVIKA For persons with cerebral palsy and multiple disabilities. At present, the strength of PAWMENCAP projects is 285.

We have successfully trained and placed the adults with mental retardation in post offices, super markets, and various private establishments. We have purchased 400 square yards at Asif Nagar, Hyderabad for the construction of day care/Residential home for the mentally handicapped. The day care/ residential center is designed to accommodate about 285 students.

PAWMENCAP has come a long way since the 1988. It has helped various mentally challenged children and adults to seek knowledge, survive independently, and earn a respectable living in the society. It has touched the hearts of many parents and showed them a ray of hope when in complete darkness. It has helped uplift a minor portion of the mentally challenges and hopes to reach out to many more in the coming years.
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