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1. What is mental disability?
Mental disability is a condition that slows down mental & physical growth. Mentally disabled child is slower than a normal child to walk, eat & talk. All mentally disabled children grow better with training -- the earlier the better.

2. Is mental disability a disease?
No. It is not a disease. A child can be born mentally disabled. A child can be mentally disabled before birth, at the time of birth or after birth. A child can also become mentally disabled because of an accident or a disease.

3. Is mental disability curable?
No, mental disabled cannot be cured. This condition is a result of an irreversible damage to the brain. The child cannot be cured but can be trained to lead up near normal & dignified life.

4. What is the difference between mental illness & mental disability? Or is mental disability & mental illness same?
No. Mentally disabled children are not mental ill. Mental disability is a physical defect caused by injury or damage to the brain where as mental illness is not a physical defect. Mental illness is a disease that can occur at any age even among highly educated people.

5. Do MR children become normal, as they grow older?
No. Mentally disabled children are different from other children. Even though they grow older physically they are younger in their minds intensive training can help mentally disabled children to improve their ability to learn & look after themselves.

6. Can marriage cure mentally disabled persons?
No. Marriage only cannot cure mentally disabled persons. It is very difficult for mentally disabled person to look after his/her family

7. Are all mentally disabled/retarded children similar?
No. All MRs are not similar. Every child is unique. The behavior of the Child differs from Child to Child.

8. How/when can we identify such problem with the child?
If a child:
Is slow to understand and respond.
Does not keep up with other children of the same age.
Is physically disabled.
Can only concentrate for a short time.
Looks different especially the childs face & body.
Avoids company.
Is irritable and restless.
Delayed milestones.

9. What will happen to the child after their parents?
Parents may group together to start and run respite care centers/group homes during the lifetime. They should also nominate future guardians for their child and can streamline their assets and papers for future.

10. Can ever the MR persons be rehabilitated?
Of course, basic upon the childs abilities and training mentally handicapped person can be rehabilitated for his/her dignified living.

11. What are the types of therapies/ training available for the MR persons?
Special Education, Speech Therapy, Behavior Modification, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Vocational Training and Parent Counseling.

12. How soon should we start training of MR Child?
Training can started very early even months old child can be trained by giving neuro-developmental therapy (Early Intervention).

13. What are the general Problems of the MR Child?
Motor, Speech, Medical and Behavior Problems are the general problems.

14. What is Rehabilitation for the MR Persons?
To train the MR Person towards the Independent living is rehabilitation for MR persons.

15. Does MR Persons have any Rights?
Yes, The Persons with MR deserves the same rights enjoyed by any other Human being.

16. What are the Acts there to protect the MR Persons?
Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) Act (1992),
PWD Act (1995)
NT Act (1999). And
National Policy for Persons with Disabilities Act 2006

17. What are the benefits the MR Person enjoys?
Concessions in traveling (Bus and Railway), IT Exemptions, Pension, Scholarship and NIRAMAYA Health Insurance scheme are the benefits.

18. What are the chances of producing a mentally retarded baby if one marries within close relations?
Data reported from various clinics in the country show that in 60% of the cases identified as mentally retarded, causes can be attributed to genetic disorders. Consanguineous marriages i.e. marriage between uncle-niece, nephew-aunt, first cousins or related cousins have greater chances of producing a child with genetic disorders including mental retardation. In case there is already a child with mental retardation, the parents should seek genetic counseling before planning to have another child.