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Our Projects are ongoing and perfectly planned.

Mayukha (Ray Of Hope)
Early intervention counseling to expectant mothers and parents about the precautions to be taken to prevent the birth of disabled children-is one of the main projects undertaken by the school. Counseling includes talks on how to study the genetic history of parents to help reduce the risks of having mentally disabled children. Many such programs have been and will be conducted in rural and semi urban areas.

PAWMENCAP believes that professional counseling to families & parents of mentally challenged children is important to help them face the challenges ahead. The school has conducted special education programs for children from age levels 4 to 16 years in primary, secondary and care group classes.

Early intervention programs have also been conducted for parents of delayed milestone children. The main task of all counseling is to give parents the faith that their child can lead an ordinary life and that he/she must be treated with respect.

PAWMENCAP has also conducted special education and training to children of age group 17 and above in academics, family living, socialization, ability and aptitude based trades in pre-vocational and vocational classes.

Manokrushi (Efffort Of The Mind)
This is a model-training center for special education, training & Rehabilitation Centre. This project that has been undertaken by PAWMENCAP, aims at training the mentally challenged children in self-help activities as well as in academics. They are taught basics of education depending on capabilities of each child. Trained teachers and experts in various fields help in deciding the curriculum of each child.

We Rely on the Experts...
In the Manokrushi project, we believe that training and development of our students is a task of utmost importance. This is why we rely on the experts! A physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, psychologist, general medicine physician, behavioral specialist is on the roles of Manokrushi.

Manvika (Being Human)
At PAWMENCAP, we believe that to improve the quality of life of mentally challenged children it is important that they become self-reliant and gain economic independence.

Through the MANOCHETANA project, PAWMENCAP runs the Vocational training Center. Every student admitted to the school, must be a part of this center. At the vocational training center, children are taught skills like cooking, catering, ironing, operating coffee and tea vending machine, book binding, screen printing, phenyl making and candle making.

The group of students learning cooking independently runs the 'Mid-Day' Meal Program. Through this program, economically backward children are given sponsored meals prepared by the students. The student in turn receives a stipend for the work that they put in post office savings.

The center has also conducted training cum production of candles, phenyl, cleaning powder, envelopes & garlands. All these items are commercially packed and marketed through open sale counters at Rythu bazaars and public centers. The products are also marketed through Food World and Thrinetra super bazaars.

The fourth project that is in the proposal stage is called Saans-a Respite Care Center for long-term residential home for Mentally Challenged Person. The Center would have technically designed training, vocational and rehabilitation facilities in an area of 7200 Sq. ft.  It would be a residential home for 100 males and 100 females, staff quarters, recreation center, library and a playing area.

The projects are based mainly on age & severity levels.
So we can further divide the projects of our organization, accordingly,
* Early Intervention
* Early Childhood Special Education
* Pre-schooling
* Rehabilitation
* Special Education, training to the various
* Primary
* Secondary
* Pre-Vocational
* Vocational

According to the age and mental level of the children, they are put in the distinctive projects. The children progress from one section to the other as they develop themselves in their mental faculties. PAWMENCAP believes that for the better development of each mentally challenged child they have to be constantly monitored by trained teachers. Hence, a teacher student ratio of 1:6 is maintained at all times. All the teachers here have trained maids (ayahs) for assistance.

Systematization of admission registration
The admission registration is systematized to gather complete data and details of the intellectually impaired their parents and siblings, screening through 8 departments: medical, psychology, special education, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech & language, inclusion of parents and social management.

Mandate of training and mainstreaming
Study of Psychology of student, Aptitude, Physical & Mental capabilities, Parent consultation, Need based goal selection, Task the goal, Sub-tasking, Parent participation, and follow-up. Quarterly assessment through Demo and Weekly task analysis is done.

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