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Is your child a mentally disabled?Do not feel helpless or disheartened.

Disability is something which must be known to the mind, accepted with the heart and enacted in life.

In the beautiful creation of universe, amongst normal, intelligent and extraordinary mankind, a small group of handicapped persons are also born. Centuries went by before they were recognized, before their disabilities were identified and remedial measures were taken up. In India, effective awareness about handicapped nature began in the 70s and propelled to genuine care levels by mid 80s.

Disability is of two types
1. Physical Disability: Loco-motor, blind, deaf and dumb.
2. Mental Disability
a. Mental retardation (a condition of below normal mental process due to arrested or incomplete development.
b. Cerebral palsy (a condition of effected intellectual functioning, sensory abilities, emotional responsiveness and motor performances due to the damage of the brain).
c. Autism (a condition on uneven skill development primarily affecting the communication and social abilities of a person, marked by repetitive and ritualistic behavior).
d. Multiple Disability (a condition which is a combination of two or more disabilities).

Run and administered by an elected body of parents; PAWMENCAP, imparts meticulous planned training in socialization, self help skills, speech & occupational therapy, vocational training and rehabilitation for mentally challenged children of all severity levels belonging to all socio-economic strata. In PAWMENCAP projects, the foremost concept cum motto for the disabled is respectable time employment, free expression of will, freedom to act and relish the life. Trained professionals and therapists counsel the parents, identify the goals and trades, and train the students and parents to achieve them steadily but surely. The achievements are assessed by every quarter to streamline the response and score the merit. Students from all walks of life are encouraged at the school and are trained to achieve their personal milestones in a professionally planned manner.

PAWMENCAP has relentlessly endeavored to better and uplift every living standard of the intellectually impaired and achieve its vision and Mission. Today PAWMENCAP is proud to serve 285 intellectually impaired in its projects with many more waiting. This may, however be jeopardized due to the inadequate and uncertain support of Grant-in-aid by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, GOI. The parents wish to strive tooth and nail any likelihood of sudden death of PAWMENCAP and the discontinuation of the services to the beneficiaries as to themselves.

According to the vital statistics of 2011 censes, pot of the 121.01 Crore population of India; 7.29 Crore at 6.03% are enumerated as disabled. Out of this, 30.50 lakhs at 4.21% are intellectually impaired. Trough RCI act 1992, PWD Act 1995 and National Trust Act 1999; Govt. of India enormously boosted the identity, legal rights, Protection and future welfare measures of disabled persons on par with the normal man kind for a safe and respectable rehabilitation. To enscope a broader area of service and render all level care with short, mid and long term goals to the disables; central and state Governments invited and enrolled parent associations, voluntary organizations, social and self-help groups.

In the summer of 1988 National Institute for Mentally Handicapped counseled a group of 8 parents to form a registered association to administer and run a special education cum vocational training center for their mentally challenged children. After series of counseling, discussion, planning and rehearsals; these parents who had mentally challenged children took on a task. The task was to start a school, which would contribute to the development of such children and help them become a part of society. "Not an easy task! said the cynics. This Group of parents sometimes agreed, sometimes didn't, but never gave up! And that's when the Parents Association for the Mentally Handicapped, PAWMENCAP was born.

What's Special about PAWMENCAP?
For starters, out of the 185 students trained at the school in the last two years, 60% of them belong to families that are below the poverty line. This means that we have been able to convince and enroll families that earlier never understood the importance of educating a mentally disabled child. PAWMENCAP is also reputed to be the only center to admit and train children and adults in varying degrees of mental retardation. So while some schools safely admit only the mildly retarded individuals since they are easy to handle, PAWMENCAP accepts & admits every intellectually impaired of all severity levels, all ages, all genders and from all economic walks of life under its fold. All this however, has been possible because PAWMENCAP believes and abides by its vision and mission statements.
Year of registration & Commencement of services in the: 1960/88
Mandals in Hyderabad Dt. under PAWMENCAP service radius (Asif Nagar, Charminar, Golkonda, Khairatabad, Ranjendra NagarShaikpet & Nampally) 07
Total No. Of mentally disabled living in 6 mandals 4,180
NO. Of beneficiaries presently receiving services 285
No. Of beneficiaries in waiting for the services as on Dec.2010 198
Professional Services made available, 1. MAYUKHA: Prevention, parent counseling, early intervention & Spl.
a. Education, pre-schooling, self-help skills & rehabilitation
b. Through physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech
c. Therapy & psychotherapy.
2. MANOKRUSHI/ MANOCHETNA: Special education, training, self-help skills, academics
a. Pre-vocational training, rehabilitation, socialization,
b. Behavior modification etc.,
3. MANVIKA: Special education, training, self-help skills, academics for cerebral palsy and multiple disabled children
4. GHARAUNDA: Short-term respites care center & long-term residential home
a. For adults of all genders.
Professionals & therapists in the services of the beneficiaries Counselors (prevention, early intervention, parent counseling etc.) 03
Early childhood Special educators 04
Rehabilitation therapists 06
Medical Doctors 02
Special educators & trainers 22
Coordination cum placement officer 01
Vocational counselors 02
Vocational trainers cum instructors 04
Asst. Vocational cum instructors 02
Yoga cum music teachers 02
Finance cum Accounting department 03
Para staff (ayahs, sweeper, watchmen, attenders & maids) 15
Warden & Asst. Warden 02
Accounts Officer & Account clerks 03
Cooks & Para staff 05
Monthly expenditure for all the projects Rs.3.45 Lakhs

PAWMENCAP has both conducted as well as participated in numerous workshops. It has conducted 12 sibling and 20 parent-training programs to educate them about the disability and give them appropriate special training in managing their children. The workshops that we have participated in are:
o Niamaya Medical scheme
o Amendments of PWP Act, 1995
o Elaboration and expansion of National Trust Act, 1999.
o Manpower development for establishing new organization visa-viz with RCI, 1992.
o Conducted parent-teacher interaction sessions about personal skills.
Parents counseling
Monthly outings/Educational trips