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Executive Body Founders


Executive Secretary

Executive Secretary Name: Syed Mushtaq Ali
Qualification: M.Sc.(Ag.),diploma in Marketing,DSC(MR).
Address for correspondence: Flat No.202,Sreenidhi Apartments,Ahmed Nagar Road,Masab Tank,Hyderabad-500028
Phone No: 040-23325878(R)/040-23590904(O)/970331622

Details of Service Stint:
i. Served as Agricultural Exension officer in Dept of Agriculture for 7 years.
ii. Worked in Fertilizer Corporation of India & Rashtriya Chemical & Fertilizers Limited as Marketing executive for 33 Years
iii. Introduction to the world of Disabilties:My son,Karim Ali in 1978;ably,resourcefully & assuringly imparting courage,
Cooperation & assistance by my wife Sharequa Ali since then till now.
iv.Formation of PAWMENCAP:Counselled & Marshalled by Dr.D.P.Menon & Smt.Rita Peshwaria of the newly formed National Institute for the welfare of Mentally Handicapped Persons in 1985-86; 8 Parents with intellectually impaired children grouped togetherand formed PAWMENCAP in 1988 under registeraion as per Socities Act.


The principal is the head of two of this organization main projects, Mayukha, Manokrushi and Manvika. The principal works under the specialized guidance of the Executive secretary. The teachers and the educators of this organization work under the Principal. He gives them assignments and ensures the smooth running of the various activities. The principal conducts workshops, parent/sibling/caretaker/teacher training programs and so on. The principal is also in charge of the recruitment of special educators after prior consent of the Board of management.

Coordinator and Placement officer
Board of management

1. Planning and monitoring: The general secretary does the planning and monitoring. Administrative officer and parents are members of the executive council.
2. Academic council: the academic council consists of the principal, coordinator cum placement officer and is in charge of Mayukha, Manokrushi/ Manochetna and Manvika Projects.
3. Finance committee: the treasurer and general secretary of the PAWMENCAP projects heads finance committee. Administrative officer takes care of the funding, donations, parents contribution and so on.


Department Name Details
Physiotherapy department of physiotherapy is one of the largest departments in PAWMENCAP. The department is engaged in manual orthopedic physiotherapy and exercise therapies to provide individualized and through treatment. Our goal is to return our children to maximum function and wellness as quickly as possible. The physiotherapists and assistant physiotherapists assess the children and identify goals (active and passive exercises) for them.
Occupational therapy O.T. is an important part of health care program. It mainly deals with prevention, evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of physically or mentally handicapped.
Special education the principal is the head of the special education department. The following special educational services are offered at this department.

Academic assessment services
Goal setting (short term/long term) and implementation
Evaluation for every month
Development of adaptive devices
Preparation of special teaching and learning materials.
Counseling and guidance to care givers and the adults with disabilities.
Organization of parent-teacher interaction session every month
Home visits every three months
Organization of work shops for the parents and siblings of the mentally challenged children.

Medical: the part time medical doctor visits PAWMENCAP to examine the children and thereby give the treatment they need.
Psychology: the clinical psychologists head the department. Is engaged in clinical services. It engages in clinical services. It also provides psychological tests and guides them to visit NIMH, Gandhi hospital for further check-ups.
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